Hair Regrowth Treatment

Regenera Activa

Nowadays, hair has become one of the most vital fashion in any human being's life. Whether it may be a girl or a boy, all are so conscious about their hair and spend lots in hair care products. But what if suddenly one starts suffering from severe hair loss problems? Which is a very common problem in most everyone's life. Not to worry, today we will discuss the most effective and powerful treatment which will root out the problem of hair loss. So here it is.

What is this treatment?

Regenera Activa, the most powerful one-time hair regrowth technique/treatment that is used for stimulating hair growth through regeneration of capillary vessels. It uses capillary regenerative therapy. This is a fully safe treatment since the patient is the donor of stem cells. Here, the stem cells are taken from the patient’s own body. It helps to attain enrichment in the number of progenitor cells. It is a purely natural, harmless, using one's own cells, it improves the skin of the scalp, the density of the existing hair and helps in the growth of new hair follicles.

The Regenera Activa treatment is based on multiple clinical studies where it is shown that in solid tissues there is a large concentration of follicle cells. It is the best treatment available till date which is helpful in treating alopecia along with many other hair related issues.

The process of Regenera Activa

The Regenera Activa treatment happens by applying local anesthesia to the patient and then it takes a maximum of 60 minutes to complete the entire process, after which the patient is set free to do any kind of outdoor work, no need of being protective. It results in a very positive way. In a span of 8-15 days from the day of treatment, the results start visibly in a prominent way. From the first month, major capillary repopulation will start taking place. The recovery period with very minimal scarring or rather none in some cases. In a single session, one can notice significant results by 14 – 30 days.

Now let's talk about the costing of this treatment which is the most important query of many of the people those who wants to undergo this treatment. Here a person will most likely spend $3,500 for the entire procedure as opposed to spending $10,000 each session for hair transplant or medications that can cost up to $5,000 on a yearly basis. So those who are in search for their permanent hair loss solution, just go for it.